Vier Anjalieder - Four Anjasongs

Date of publication: 1990, total length 11:25 min.
I composed a series of small inventions -- 'Anjalieder' (named after my little daughter Anja). Four of these small compositions (till now they are 34) I chose to arrange them in a special way. By the help of computer programs they became varied with the aim of explanation, widening, illustration of different aspects, making them appear in a new way.
Musical forms resulted, which could be called 'orchestral variations', although you just have an 'orchestra' of synthesizers being programmed in a way that they are able to form melodies of sound.
An important element in this music is the unexact synchronisation of several sound producing instruments. From the variation of movements of time and the simultaneous reproduction of similar melodies a new musical dimension arises.
The music is 'open'. It can be discovered by the hearer, it doesn't intend special effects and it doesn't contain dramatic elements. Excitement and repose are more a characteristic of the micro area.

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